The Stamp Collector is a lonely wealthy young woman (Stella Moray) who picks up and takes home potential lovers from the local tavern in her town. On one such outing, she befriends a nameless young man (Benny Hill) and drugs his drink, but he suspects his drink has been tampered with and spins the table around in tandem with distractions to avoid it. However, the collector gives the table one extra spin and he ends up drugged and dragged back to her home.
Waking up the next morning, Benny finds himself cleaned up and in fresh clothes in a large penthouse. He realizes he's been kidnapped and threatens to call the police, but pulls the phone apart. He threatens to jump, but he's on the 13th floor, and when he fakes it, he's discovered hiding in the furniture. The collector lures him over to check out her stamp collection which Benny takes an interest. Enjoying ice cream, he casually asks if she has cream to go with it, and the collector goes to fetch some from next door, leaving her own door unlocked. seeing a chance for escape, Benny makes his move, but realizes he has nothing to go back to as his home is about to be demolished, his mother is a bad cook and his girlfriend, Elise, isn't as desirable as he thinks, so he decides to stay.