1tex cymbal

Tex Cymbal - Golden Boy


Episode: 24
Date: March 26, 1975
Time: 49:24
Musical Director:
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Producer: Robert Fouracre
Director: Robert Fouracre
Writer: Benny Hill




  • Dibbles Health Farm
  • The Stamp Collector
  • Tex Cymball: Golden Boy



  • The Stamp Collector - "Oh dear, the poor boy has jumped, and at a time like this! With the kitchen on fire and smoke everywhere, the whole place will be burned to a cinder. What shall I do? What shall I do!"
    Benny Hill - (hiding in armoire) "Save the furniture!"

  • Clyde Jarrow - "I keep pulling my bed away from the wall, but the bugs keep pulling it back!"


  • This episode was actually postponed from it's original May 26, 1975 airdate when a technician's strike virtually blacked out the entire ITV network. The show was broadcast in September as "postponed from an earlier date."
  • Jackie Wright doesn't appear in this episode; he is temporarily replaced by Don Estelle.
  • In the Professional Men sketch, Benny Hill and Henry McGee uses their umbrella handles to hike up Cheryl Gilham's skirt, a routine repeated in Benny's Incredible Hulk spoof.


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