The Saucy Boy is a little boy who uses a sling shot to create mischief. His real name is unrevealed, but he travels around his neighborhood causing destruction around him. His slingshot brings down a building, he goes to the race track and makes a car crash and he pings an Olympic skier causing him to take a tumble. He eventually wanders into an adult club and sees Mahala, an exotic dancer with a "daring balloon dance," and decides to destroy the balloon concealing her body, but upon popping it, he accidentally reveals she is a blow-up woman herself. The male audience suddenly notices the boy sitting in the back of the club and chases him from the club even as he escapes in a go-cart into an amusement park.


  • Saucy Boy was played by Benny Hill; Mahala was played by dancer Corrine Russell. She also turns up in the chase filmed at Thornton Park.
  • This sketch appears in the HBO Collection "Home Video Drive-In" VHS. However, the end chase is edited out to follow the sketch, "Big Poppa" from the March 25, 1981 episode.



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