Reflections was a short-lived English pop vocal group that appeared on "The Benny Hill Show" on January 26, 1977. Joined by cast members Eddie Buchanan, Jenny Lee-Wright and Diana Darvey, they backed Benny Hill on the opening ballad, "Bianca Malone." For their performance, they sang the song, "Higher and Higher," originally by American performer Jackie Wilson.
There is no known available bio or history for the four-member group, which consists of two men and two women. It is possible they may have been one of the obscure groups from the British talent show, "Opportunity Knocking," which Benny Hill was known for plucking musical talent, namely Two's Company and The Cotton Mills Boys, but this is unconfirmed. Only one member of the group has been positively identified. Linda Robinson, the petite brunette ingenue, was identified by writer Robert Ross in the book, "Benny Hill: Master of Mirth," but then he also refers to the group as being "all female." Robinson is also believed to have played "Purdie" in the "New Avengers" parody from the episode. She may have also appeared as the girl approached by Benny in the "Candid Camera" sketch in the following episode on Feb. 23, 1977, possibly a holdover from the previous episode. The blonde singer in the group may be Spencer Shires, who played several roles in the March 23, 1977 episode including a singing role in Milk Marketing Board choir, but this is unconfirmed.


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