Mahala is an exotic dancer who performs in a men's night club in England; her act involves a large balloon that conceals her figure as she dances, moves around, performs deep stretches and even winks and blows kisses to the audience.
One day, an unnamed schoolboy wanders in with the men into the night club by chance with his slingshot. During her dance, the youth watches her for several minutes then uses his slingshot on her in an attempt to puncture her balloon and leave her naked on stage, but after destroying the balloon concealing her, he actually ends up revealing Mahala to be a blow-up doll herself and she deflates on stage in front of her audience.


  • Mahala was played by Corrine Russell; the youth was played by Benny Hill.
  • Corrine also appears as herelf in the chase scene.
  • This sketch possibly pushed the boundaries of decency than any other sketch in the series. After this episode, the episode toned down the sexuality and started to include children.
  • This sketch shows up on the "Home Video Drive-In" VHS from HBO Home Video.