2julie kirk

"She's a bit of a disaster."

3julie kirk

Julie Kirk (blonde) with Abigail Higgins and Louise English

Julie Kirk is an English actress and dancer who starred as one of the Hill's Angels on "The Benny Hill Show." According to an interview, she became part of the show at the age of 19 through an open audition looking for dancers with "a good sense of humor." Although she knew who Benny Hill was, it was years later that she realized she had been a part of something remarkable. After leaving the show, she starred in the movies, "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and "What's Up Superdoc!" Today, she lives in Llangollen, Wales with her husband, actor Dyfed Thomas, and their two children.

Julie has at least once been credited as Julie Kerridge. This might be her real name, but this is unconfirmed.


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