1jack and jill


Episode: 25
Date: December 17, 1975
Time: 50:17
Musical Director:
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Producer: Mark Stuart
Writer: Benny Hill



"Excuse me, is this the police station?"
"No, ma'am, that is my back side."

  • Quickie: Don't Jump!
  • A Host of Favorite Stars
  • Pearl And Plain
  • Shopping Center
  • Fred Scuttle: Mind Reader
  • Quickie: Disorder in the Office
  • Quickies on a Dance Floor
  • Jack And Jill
    • Ironsides
    • That's Life
    • Cyril's Scrap Book
    • Kojak
  • Eddie Buchanan - Mexican Cabaret
  • Dribble's Sights of London Trip
  • Monologue: The New Vicar
  • Quickies - 4
  • Guests: Dilys Watling - That Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady
  • Eddie Buchanan - Song of El Paso
  • Tag: Sports Day


  • Quickies on a Dance Floor
  • Benny does takes as Ironsides and Kojak, two American TV detectives
  • Sports Day



  • "Reading a book called the naked and the dead... Reminds me of my wife." - Benny Hill
  • "That's what the public wants... New faces." - Benny Hill
  • Benny Hill - "They tend to imply he was one of these male witches."
    Henry McGee - "Warlocks."
    Benny Hill - "That's what I said!"
  • "He's seen The Exorcist three times. I don't know what possessed him." - Benny Hill
  • Dilys Watling - "The chief clerk just raped me!"
    Benny Hill - "Well, I can't do everything!"


  • "Ironsides" and "Kojak" were both popular American crime dramas in the 70s. Benny reprised both characters in the same sketch in Murder on the Oregon Express.


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