Fred Scuttle

"Good evening, sir.. Good evening, viewers!"

- Fred Scuttle


Fred Scuttle is an English entrepreneur who has taken and attempted several jobs and positions in England, mostly in the entertainment field. He is often seen wearing wire-rimmed granny glasses, a military cap turned sideways on his head, and using his signature open-palmed British Army salute, which he often gives after making a clumsy or exaggerated entry behind the interviewer while he addresses the viewing audience in introduction.
Scuttle fancies himself a crackerjack businessman, having worked numerous jobs in various industries at various levels including, but not limited to:

  • Doctor (he tried to subconsciously train an ordinary man to become the smartest person alive)
  • Airline Pilot
  • Contractor (he once attempted to bore his own tunnel to France underneath the English Channel)
  • Movie and/or Television executive
  • Chief Police Inspector at the Villain Of The Year awards
  • Nightclub Owner/Manager
  • Astronaut
  • Tour manager
  • Musical Impresario (he once recruited Eddie Buchanan to sing with his new vocal group)

Scuttle's personality is jovial, extroverted and somewhat childlike. During interviews, when the host asks him certain questions using complicated words that Scuttle doesn't understand, he perceives innuendo and answers accordingly. For instance, when Nicholas Parsons interviewed Scuttle about his travel tour business in 1970:

  • Parsons:  "Mister Scuttle, if I was to come to you and say that I had a month's holiday and only seven pounds to spend, could you tell me where to go?"
    Scuttle:  "Yes, sir, I could, but I would not be so rude, sir."

And in a later episode in which he is interviewed by Henry McGee:

  • McGee: "Do you exercise your prerogative?"
    Scuttle: "If it's slack."

Scuttle often takes pride in the fact that many of his businesses, mainly the travel and tourism attempts, were impossibly inexpensive. On several occasions, when asked how he could keep prices so cheap, his response was "By keeping the overhead down and the undercarriage up!"




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