Dave allen

Dave Allen at Large was a stand up (or rather sit down) comedy accompanied by traditional sketches orchestrated by Irish comedian Dave Allen and his assembled group of actors. The show was very popular in the UK in the 1970s and BBC2's rival series to "The Benny Hill Show." It was also exported to the US where it became a minor success after being shown intermittently on American public television or as late-night filler on the local networks. Dave Allen's relaxed style of delivering stand up comedy remaining seated while enjoying a cigarette and having a glass of whiskey remains unique to this day. A few of his most popular recurring sketch characters include Father William O'Flaherty, Robin Hood, King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes, James the Faithful Retainer, a Mexican Revolutionist and the Pope.
These episode descriptions are based on how Dave Allen At Large was first run in England as thirty-one episodes and two specials at forty-five minutes each. The series was later edited and re-worked to fifty thirty-minute episodes for syndication in the United States.

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