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Claire Lutter is an English actress, singer, dancer and entertainer best known as a founder and member of the musical dance troupe "Love Machine." Her film credits include the 1986 film "Shanghai Surprise" with American pop star Madonna and the TV shows "The Benny Hill Show" and "Space: 1999."
Not much of her early life and career are known. She started out dancing at the former Stork room in London where she met Libby Roberts and Sue Upton. After their contract with the night club ended, they started "Love Machine" with a fourth member named Lynn Collins to perform in nightclubs all over the country. After Sue and Lynn departed, they were joined by Teresa Lucas, a close friend of Claire's, and Jane Margaret Colthorpe.
Claire and "Love Machine" appeared in three episodes of "The Benny Hill Show" which included Sue Upton as a cast member. Their routines included the songs "Think of the Boys," "The Flash" and "Dancing in the Nude." The series was very favorable to their popularity with Claire also appearing bit parts in sketches, such as Chow Mein's secretary, Hi Pong, in the March 23, 1977 episode. She afterward went on to star in a production of "The King and I" at the London Palladium with Yul Brynner and uncredited roles in the movies "Never Say Never Again" with James Bond and "Shanghai Express" among other projects.
She still lives in London with her long-term boyfriend, actor Rayner Bourton, who played Rocky in the original Rocky Horror Show.


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